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Oral Cancer Screenings

Description: Timeless Dental in The Woodlands offers an advanced oral cancer screening once a year using a 3 lights series called Identifi.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer, while treatable when caught in early stages, still remains one of the deadliest cancers. Recent awareness efforts by dentists and other concerned medical practitioners focuses on early detection for successful treatment. At Timeless Dental in The Woodlands, TX, Dr. Rodriquez and his staff are leading the way in oral cancer screenings by providing quick, effective screenings to dental patients in The Woodlands, Shenandoah and Spring TX as well as surrounding communities.

The oral cancer screenings technology, called Identafi, used at Timeless Dental employs three wavelengths of light to illuminate and screen oral tissue. This cutting edge technology provides painless diagnostics not previously available in Shenandoah and Spring TX or The Woodlands area. Dr. Rodriquez offers this screening yearly to dental patients in hopes of raising awareness and understanding of oral cancer as well as bringing the option of early detection to more and more of the population.

Early Detection is Crucial

The current morbidity rate for victims of oral cancer remains above 50 percent. Unfortunately, many of these cases could have changed with earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment. Until recently, the difficulty of discovery and diagnosis for oral cancer, paired with a lack of proper dental care among adults, has made early detection extremely difficult. The Woodlands Dentist community along with the Oral Cancer Society, are encouraging the awareness and offering cutting edge oral cancer screenings in an effort to significantly decrease the number of fatalities credited to oral cancer each year.

Part of the difficulty in discovering oral cancer early lies in the fact that many common early symptoms seem harmless at the time. Often the first indication of oral cancer may be a sore or lesion in the mouth. White or red bumps, identical to other, harmless bumps, are another early indicator. Additionally, chronic hoarseness or sore throat might also be early warning signs of oral cancer.

Any sore or lesion in the mouth that does not heal within two weeks should be examined by a dentist. This precaution, in addition to regular dental hygiene and checkups from Timeless Dental, will bring this corner of Texas ahead in the fight against oral cancer.

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